daniel-part-4Daniel Part 4

Daniel Part 4

the-greatness-of-graceThe Greatness Of Grace

The Greatness Of Grace

pt-1& Pt. 1

& Pt. 1

a-hard-coversationA Hard Coversation

A Hard Coversation

staying-on-missionStaying on Mission

Staying on Mission

the-prayers-of-godThe Prayers of God

The Prayers of God

20170219-attending-together20170219 Attending Together

20170219 Attending Together

holy-spirit-why-the-anointingHoly Spirit - Why? The Anointing

Holy Spirit - Why? The Anointi...

following-jesus-day-by-dayFollowing Jesus Day by Day

Following Jesus Day by Day

monumental-corporate-worshipMonumental Corporate Worship

Monumental Corporate Worship

our-awesome-godOur Awesome God

Our Awesome God

the-end-is-comingThe End is Coming

The End is Coming

the-authority-of-jesus-pastor-chad-braleyThe Authority of Jesus - Pastor Chad Braley

The Authority of Jesus - Pasto...

family-matters-being-a-godly-childFamily Matters - Being a Godly Child

Family Matters - Being a Godly...


The "gods of pleasure" Want Yo...

ezekiel-381-3929-part-5Ezekiel 38:1-39:29 Part 5

Ezekiel 38:1-39:29 Part 5

the-next-stepThe Next Step

The Next Step

its-not-about-the-moneyIt's not about the Money

It's not about the Money

the-book-of-hebrews-chapter-3-turning-away-from-turning-awayThe Book of Hebrews Chapter 3 - Turning away from turning away

The Book of Hebrews Chapter 3...


2-19-17: "God's Righteousness,...


"Self Improvement" - 02_19_16_...

feb-26-2017-walking-in-harmonyFeb 26 2017

Feb 26 2017 "Walking In Harmon...

racism-reconciledRacism Reconciled

Racism Reconciled

prepare-for-change-joshua-chapter-3-verses-1-4-pastor-greg-kittredgePrepare For Change, Joshua chapter 3 verses 1-4, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Prepare For Change, Joshua cha...

i-so-runI So Run

I So Run

bounce-backBounce Back

Bounce Back

no-chatting-in-churchNo Chatting in Church?

No Chatting in Church?

without-permission-guest-speaker-debbie-johnsonWithout Permission - Guest Speaker Debbie Johnson

Without Permission - Guest Spe...

family-life-directing-the-next-generation-pastor-brettFAMILY LIFE: Directing the Next Generation- Pastor Brett

FAMILY LIFE: Directing the Nex...

what-does-jesus-teach-about-divorceWhat Does Jesus Teach About Divorce?

What Does Jesus Teach About Di...

seven-churches-part-6Seven Churches - Part 6

Seven Churches - Part 6


"Our Sure Foundation"

receiving-his-provisionReceiving His Provision

Receiving His Provision

knitted-to-the-armourKnitted to the Armour

Knitted to the Armour


"Victory Over the Law" Roman 7

yes-and-amen-part-fourYes and Amen - Part Four

Yes and Amen - Part Four

unity-in-the-familyUnity in the Family

Unity in the Family

vision-sundayVision Sunday

Vision Sunday

our-all-in-allOur All in All

Our All in All

the-need-for-relationshipsThe Need for Relationships

The Need for Relationships

mark-37-35-a-hard-sayingMark 3:7-35 (A Hard Saying)

Mark 3:7-35 (A Hard Saying)

the-lesson-in-the-stormThe Lesson in the Storm

The Lesson in the Storm

the-justice-of-godThe Justice of God

The Justice of God

staying-on-track-part-1Staying on Track - Part 1

Staying on Track - Part 1

matthew-51-12-the-beatitudes-part-2Matthew 5.1-12 | The Beatitudes, Part 2

Matthew 5.1-12 | The Beatitude...

the-writing-on-the-wall-daniel-5The Writing on the Wall - Daniel 5

The Writing on the Wall - Dani...

the-incredible-gift-of-godThe Incredible Gift Of God

The Incredible Gift Of God

changes-part-1Changes Part 1

Changes Part 1

time-for-a-trim-no-braids-allowedTime for a Trim: No Braids Allowed

Time for a Trim: No Braids All...

genesis-41-16-how-to-be-accepted-by-godGenesis 4:1-16 How to Be Accepted By God

Genesis 4:1-16 How to Be Accep...

the-joy-of-givingThe Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving

sunday-service-february-19-2017Sunday Service February 19, 2017

Sunday Service February 19, 20...

trademark-of-a-disciple-part-1Trademark of a Disciple - Part 1

Trademark of a Disciple - Part...

the-anointingThe Anointing

The Anointing

ephesians-210-created-for-good-worksEphesians 2:10 -

Ephesians 2:10 - "Created for...

i-am-the-messiahI AM The Messiah

I AM The Messiah

the-road-less-traveledThe Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

faith-stands-outFaith stands out

Faith stands out

gods-design-for-marriageGod's Design for Marriage

God's Design for Marriage

february-19-2017-sermon-four-from-romansFebruary 19, 2017 - Sermon:

February 19, 2017 - Sermon: "F...

how-do-you-know-god-is-goodHow Do You Know God is Good

How Do You Know God is Good

out-of-orderOut of Order

Out of Order



luke-1133-36-john-tracyLuke 11:33-36 - John Tracy

Luke 11:33-36 - John Tracy

christian-and-workingChristian and Working

Christian and Working

first-plymouth-february-19-2017First-Plymouth - February 19, 2017

First-Plymouth - February 19,...

menjadi-penyembah-allah-yang-sejatiMenjadi Penyembah Allah yang Sejati

Menjadi Penyembah Allah yang S...

more-part-3-with-ps-ashley-evansMore Part 3 with Ps Ashley Evans

More Part 3 with Ps Ashley Eva...

saints-and-sinners-sermon-onlySaints and Sinners (Sermon Only)

Saints and Sinners (Sermon Onl...

saints-and-sinners-worship-serviceSaints and Sinners (Worship Service)

Saints and Sinners (Worship Se...


"Messy Faith"

blessed-are-the-peacemakers#Blessed Are The Peacemakers

#Blessed Are The Peacemakers

esther-the-queen-pt4-2192017-900-amEsther the Queen pt4 - 2/19/2017 - 9:00 AM

Esther the Queen pt4 - 2/19/20...

staying-the-course-pt-iiStaying the Course Pt II

Staying the Course Pt II

get-ready-be-ready-stay-readyGet Ready Be Ready Stay Ready

Get Ready Be Ready Stay Ready

conquest-to-kingdom-u-turn-onlyConquest To Kingdom: U-Turn Only

Conquest To Kingdom: U-Turn On...

the-prayers-for-justice-habakkuk-112-25-february-19-2017The Prayers for Justice, Habakkuk 1:12-2:5, February 19 2017

The Prayers for Justice, Habak...

should-we-look-for-another-chad-smithShould We Look for Another? | Chad Smith

Should We Look for Another? |...

sensitivity-in-our-dealing-with-each-otherSensitivity in Our Dealing with Each Other

Sensitivity in Our Dealing wit...

secret-to-being-spentSecret To Being Spent

Secret To Being Spent

handling-hardship-to-the-glory-of-god-selected-scripturesHandling Hardship To The Glory Of God, Selected Scriptures

Handling Hardship To The Glory...

god-in-unexpected-places-4-failure-pastor-kenny-smithGod In Unexpected Places 4 - Failure (Pastor Kenny Smith)

God In Unexpected Places 4 - F...

prayer-and-miracles-1Prayer and Miracles

Prayer and Miracles

god-in-unexpected-places-3-success-pastor-kenny-smithGod In Unexpected Places 3 - Success (Pastor Kenny Smith)

God In Unexpected Places 3 - S...

dab-february-19-2017-1DAB February 19 - 2017

DAB February 19 - 2017

devotional-reaching-the-lostDEVOTIONAL - Reaching The Lost

DEVOTIONAL - Reaching The Lost



human-behaviour-and-relationships-part-2Human Behaviour And Relationships Part 2

Human Behaviour And Relationsh...

dab-february-18-2017-1DAB February 18 - 2017

DAB February 18 - 2017

david-russell-2-17-17David Russell 2-17-17

David Russell 2-17-17

radio-program-for-friday-february-17-2017Radio program for Friday February 17, 2017

Radio program for Friday Febru...

the-book-of-ecclesiastes-a-must-readThe Book Of Ecclesiastes A Must Read !

The Book Of Ecclesiastes A Mus...

the-separatingThe Separating

The Separating

pastor-mel-campbellPastor Mel Campbell

Pastor Mel Campbell

dab-february-17-2017-1DAB February 17 - 2017

DAB February 17 - 2017

parable-of-the-talentsParable of the Talents

Parable of the Talents

the-year-of-the-bible-week-7-numbersThe Year of the Bible week 7 (Numbers)

The Year of the Bible week 7 (...

lesson-37-chapter-7-the-144000-sealed-part-2-pastor-greg-kittredgeLesson 37 : Chapter 7 The 144,000 Sealed Part 2, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Lesson 37 : Chapter 7 The 144,...

5-things-all-roth-ira-owners-must-know5 Things All Roth IRA Owners Must Know

5 Things All Roth IRA Owners M...

radio-program-for-thursday-february-16-2017Radio program for Thursday February 16, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Feb...



the-one-preachingThe One Preaching

The One Preaching