extraordinary-kindness-2Extraordinary Kindness

Extraordinary Kindness

extraordinary-kindness-2Extraordinary Kindness.

Extraordinary Kindness.

dab-february-20-2016-1DAB February 20 - 2016

DAB February 20 - 2016

giving-and-receivingGiving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

revelation-10-11Revelation 10-11

Revelation 10-11


"That You May Know You Have Et...


"Eternal Life in His Son" - 1...

p-mcclain-2-19-16P McClain 2-19-16

P McClain 2-19-16


"Eternal Life Made Known" - 1...





to-love-obedience-padmTo Love Obedience (PADM)

To Love Obedience (PADM)

radio-program-for-friday-february-19-2016Radio program for Friday February 19, 2016

Radio program for Friday Febru...

irregulars-pt-1Irregulars Pt 1

Irregulars Pt 1

dab-february-19-2016-1DAB February 19 - 2016

DAB February 19 - 2016

committed-to-the-wordCommitted to the Word

Committed to the Word

bring-back-honorBring Back Honor

Bring Back Honor

the-lord-loves-lac-la-biche-feb-14th-2016 The Lord Loves Lac La Biche - Feb 14th, 2016

The Lord Loves Lac La Biche -...

februsion-week-3-you-are-worth-itFebrusion, Week 3: You are Worth It

Februsion, Week 3: You are Wor...


"Good Works Won't Save You!" -...

p-dan-2-18-16P Dan 2-18-16

P Dan 2-18-16

putting-market-corrections-into-perspectivePutting Market Corrections into Perspective

Putting Market Corrections int...

because-we-ask-not-padmBecause We Ask Not (PADM)

Because We Ask Not (PADM)

radio-program-for-thursday-february-18-2016Radio program for Thursday February 18, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Feb...

baptism-makes-a-differenceBaptism Makes a Difference

Baptism Makes a Difference



the-sermon-on-the-mount-seeking-your-rewards-through-generosity-matthew-61-4-february-17-2016The Sermon on the Mount; Seeking Your Rewards through Generosity, Matthew 6:1-4, February 17 2016

The Sermon on the Mount; Seeki...

dab-february-18-2016-1DAB February 18 - 2016

DAB February 18 - 2016

swear-not-pastor-chad-braleySwear Not - Pastor Chad Braley

Swear Not - Pastor Chad Braley

what-does-the-bible-say-about-peer-pressureWhat does the Bible say about peer pressure?

What does the Bible say about...

grace-to-save-pt-2-21716Grace to save (pt 2) 2/17/16

Grace to save (pt 2) 2/17/16

ninevite-lessons-olafNinevite Lessons (Olaf)

Ninevite Lessons (Olaf)

who-find-jesus-1Who find Jesus 1. (그대가 문둥병자였을 지라도!)

Who find Jesus 1. (그대가 문둥병자였을...

2016-02-14-sermon-lukes-first-clues2016-02-14-Sermon, Luke's First Clues

2016-02-14-Sermon, Luke's Firs...

radio-program-for-wednesday-february-17-2016Radio program for Wednesday February 17, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Fe...

dab-february-17-2016-1DAB February 17 - 2016

DAB February 17 - 2016

twin-illusions-about-forgiveness-spp6Twin Illusions About Forgiveness (SPP6)

Twin Illusions About Forgivene...

holy-spirit-1Holy Spirit 1

Holy Spirit 1

holy-spirit-2Holy Spirit 2

Holy Spirit 2

all-religions-are-not-equalAll Religions Are NOT EQUAL!

All Religions Are NOT EQUAL!

holiness-is-not-an-optionHoliness Is Not An Option

Holiness Is Not An Option

walk-in-the-spirit-2Walk in the Spirit 2

Walk in the Spirit 2

february-14-2016-all-hail-the-power-of-jesus-nameFebruary 14, 2016: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

February 14, 2016: All Hail th...

risk-it-21416Risk It! 2.14.16

Risk It! 2.14.16

radio-program-for-tuesday-february-16-2016Radio program for Tuesday February 16, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Febr...

dab-february-16-2016-1DAB February 16 - 2016

DAB February 16 - 2016

loving-god-through-worshipLoving God Through Worship

Loving God Through Worship

john-719-52John 7.19-52

John 7.19-52



be-the-oneBe the ONE

Be the ONE



grace-to-be-savedGrace to be Saved

Grace to be Saved

love-beyond-reasonLove Beyond Reason

Love Beyond Reason

how-to-be-released-from-curses-part-1How To Be Released From Curses Part 1

How To Be Released From Curses...

a-people-of-outreachA People of Outreach

A People of Outreach

itunes-ets-14-the-foundation-to-overcoming-the-fear-of-rejectioniTunes ETS 14: The Foundation To Overcoming The Fear of Rejection

iTunes ETS 14: The Foundation...

web-ets-14-the-foundation-to-overcoming-the-fear-of-rejectionweb ETS 14: The Foundation To Overcoming The Fear of Rejection

web ETS 14: The Foundation To...

genesis-16-taking-detours-in-our-faithGenesis 16 - Taking Detours in our Faith

Genesis 16 - Taking Detours in...

anchors-in-the-stormAnchors in the Storm

Anchors in the Storm

dab-february-15-2016-1DAB February 15 - 2016

DAB February 15 - 2016

20160214pm-jesus-is-enough20160214PM Jesus Is Enough

20160214PM Jesus Is Enough

radio-program-for-monday-february-15-2016Radio program for Monday February 15, 2016

Radio program for Monday Febru...

we-believe-we-speak-what-we-believeWe Believe: We Speak What We Believe

We Believe: We Speak What We B...

build-daily-guard-daily-fight-daily-clinton-feb-14-605pmBuild Daily, Guard Daily, & Fight Daily Clinton, Feb 14 6:05pm

Build Daily, Guard Daily, & Fi...

that-his-name-may-be-famous-in-israel-pastor-chad-braleyThat His Name May Be Famous in Israel - Pastor Chad Braley

That His Name May Be Famous in...

in-gods-handsIn God's Hands

In God's Hands

bringing-forth-much-fruit-pastor-rossiBringing Forth Much Fruit- Pastor Rossi

Bringing Forth Much Fruit- Pas...

abraham-part-2Abraham Part 2

Abraham Part 2

renovate-week-6Renovate: Week 6

Renovate: Week 6

a-humble-transformed-heart-enables-me-to-be-the-salt-and-the-lightA Humble Transformed Heart Enables me to be the Salt and the Light

A Humble Transformed Heart Ena...

renovate-week-6Renovate Week 6

Renovate Week 6

untitled-recording-feb-14-251pmA Portrait of Jesus - A Humble Hero - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - A Humble...

untitled-recording-feb-14-244pmA Portrait of Jesus - A Humble Hero - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - A Humble...

psalm-19-may-your-wonders-never-ceasePsalm 19 - May Your Wonders Never Cease

Psalm 19 - May Your Wonders Ne...

i-will-follow-you-but-firstI will follow you, but first...

I will follow you, but first.....

taking-the-temperature-of-the-temptationsTaking the Temperature of the Temptations

Taking the Temperature of the...

what-is-sinWhat Is Sin?

What Is Sin?

love-in-every-season-part-2-a-season-for-everythingLove in Every Season part 2 - A Season for Everything

Love in Every Season part 2 -...

real-love-2Real Love

Real Love

20160214am-who-are-you20160214AM Who Are You

20160214AM Who Are You

witnesses-to-christs-deity-part-2-the-greater-witnessWitnesses to Christ's Deity part 2  The Greater Witness

Witnesses to Christ's Deity pa...

spiritual-wickedness-in-high-places-part-2Spiritual Wickedness in High Places part 2

Spiritual Wickedness in High P...

the-boomerang-part-1-with-ps-ashley-evansThe Boomerang Part 1 with Ps Ashley Evans

The Boomerang Part 1 with Ps A...

2-14-working-for-god-whole-hearted2-14 Working for God whole hearted

2-14 Working for God whole hea...



cr-till-the-day-i-die-remix-satisfied-by-his-fullnessCR  Till The Day I Die     REMIX: Satisfied by His Fullness

CR Till The Day I Die REM...

stronger-in-loveStronger in Love

Stronger in Love

hteae-part-5-moving-past-regretsHTEAE Part 5: Moving Past Regrets

HTEAE Part 5: Moving Past Regr...

el-elyon-the-exalted-sovereign-high-god-pastor-chad-braleyEl Elyon: The Exalted, Sovereign, High God - Pastor Chad Braley

El Elyon: The Exalted, Soverei...

article-ii-the-trinityArticle II: The Trinity

Article II: The Trinity

jesus-loves-blind-bartimaeusJesus Loves Blind Bartimaeus

Jesus Loves Blind Bartimaeus

2016-02-14-growing-together2016-02-14 Growing Together

2016-02-14 Growing Together

a-biblical-understanding-of-conversion-4th-of-9-marksA Biblical Understanding of Conversion: 4th of 9 Marks

A Biblical Understanding of Co...

gods-loveGod's Love

God's Love

getting-in-gods-program-part-2-matthew-chapter-6-verse-21-pastor-greg-kittredgeGetting In God's Program Part 2, Matthew chapter 6 verse 21, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Getting In God's Program Part...


"How To Effectively Share The...

sg-till-the-day-i-die-remixweekend-convinced-by-his-claimsSG  Till The Day I Die     REMIXweekend : Convinced by HIs Claims

SG Till The Day I Die REM...

who-are-you-seeking-approval-fromWho are you seeking approval from?

Who are you seeking approval f...


"Love is Like... ", Rev. Deann...

forever-changed-pt-2-saved-to-serveForever Changed - Pt. 2: Saved to Serve

Forever Changed - Pt. 2: Saved...

greed-and-gluttony-i-want-it-all-the-seven-deadly-sins-5-and-6GREED and GLUTTONY  - I want it all - The Seven Deadly Sins #5 and #6

GREED and GLUTTONY - I want i...

walk-through-the-fireWalk Through the Fire

Walk Through the Fire