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Memorial Services

Title Speaker Date
Pete Slagle -“Roll Camera” Rev. Bogdan Djurdjulou January 20, 2024
David Johnson Rev. Wes M. Bynum December 16, 2023
James Clark Childress 1947-2023 Rev. Wes M. Bynum and Pastor Kenny Cargill November 04, 2023
Martha Kay McFaul Hodges Mike Royce and Rev. Sherman Mayfield October 19, 2023
Anton (Toney) Carter Rev. Wes M. Bynum October 13, 2023
Jack M. Hall 1939-2023 Rev. Danny McIlveene August 12, 2023
Edwin Nixon 1927-2023 Rev. Wes M. Bynum August 06, 2023
Duane Puckett Rev. Wes M. Bynum April 17, 2023
Karen Miller Rev. Wes M. Bynum August 11, 2022
Bill Neal Tapp Rev. Wes M. Bynum August 06, 2022
Lee Johns - July 8, 1932 to March 23, 2022 Rev. Wes Bynum March 29, 2022
Emerson (MAC) McElveen Rev. Wes Bynum and Chad McElveen February 19, 2022
D. F. Reeves Dr. Dodson January 23, 2022
Randolph Service (William Paul Randolph) Dr. Darryle Dunks January 12, 2022
Charles Beaumont Collins Jr. (Chuck) Dr. Darryle Dunks October 11, 2021
Marjoree Glover Dr. Darryle Dunks October 11, 2021
Memorial Service for Jerry Ball Dr. Darryle Dunks June 05, 2021
Memorial Service for Shirley Rogers (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks March 15, 2021
Memorial Service for Jim McCarty (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks February 24, 2020
Memorial Service for Bill Watson (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks January 18, 2020
Memorial Service for Harmon Hodge (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks January 11, 2020
Memorial Service for Charles Pribilski (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks December 28, 2019
Memorial Service for Darlene Baird (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks December 20, 2019
Memorial Service for Darleen Black (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks December 14, 2019
Memorial Service for Fred Saffold (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks November 08, 2019
Memorial Service for Christy Sossamon (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks September 18, 2019
Memorial Service for Jack Davis (Video) Dr. Darryle Dunks August 31, 2018
Memorial Service for William Myers Dr. Darryle Dunks June 09, 2018

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