Run, Kitty, Run - Lesson 2 Name and Overview

Series: Run, Kitty, Run - A Bible Study of the Names of God

January 23, 2021
Covenant Truth Ministries Inc

This episode continues in our study of the names of God by giving an overview of the importance and depth of a name. We learn why it is important to study the names of God, and the riches they will reveal to us. In this episode, we reflect on some understanding gleaned from a resource supporting insights from the Hebrew Word pictures. Although this is controversial and I have learned of some questions as to its authenticity since the time of this recording a few years ago, please know that Covenant Truth Ministries adheres to the strict belief and practice that no other resource tops the authority of Scripture, and all other resources or reference materials used must be used in concurrence with Scripture's authority and true heartfelt message. We take this responsibility very seriously and pledge to ensure the proper teaching of God's Word as we recognize the awesome task of speaking on His behalf.

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