20210613 Jesus outside the church

Series: The Greatest Reset

February 16, 2021
Greg Junghans

Jesus Outside the Church Revelation 3:14-22 This is it. We are at the end of our series the Greatest Reset. We have taken the first 7 weeks of 2021 to look at the 7 churches of Revelation. We have discovered that although these 7 churches were actually congregations in the roman province of Asia Minor. They represent the church through the last 2000 years. The struggles, failures and successes found in these 7 oracles to the 7 churches are universal to the community of believers known as the church. Today we look at the final church that was written to. The church is Laodicea. There are two commonly quoted images in this letter. The first one is Jesus spewing out the church community like lukewarm water. The second is Jesus knocking at the door wanting to eat with those inside. We are going to explore these two images as well as trying to figure out why Jesus called his followers, wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Watch on YouTube - https://youtu.be/qUVK1iLv7Ow Listen to Podcast - The Questions 1. Are you participating in Lent? 2. What are you planning on doing for Lent? 3. What was something that impacted your life during The Greatest Reset Series? Devotional Thoughts This week we looked at the church in Laodicea in Revelation. This church was sternly warned about their deeds by Jesus. The church in Laodicea was also mentioned as an intended audience for the letter to the church in Colossae. So for this week please read the book of Colossians. Day 1 – Read Colossians 1 Day 2 – Read Colossians 2 Day 3 – Read Colossians 3 Day 4 – Read Colossians 4 We Also talked about Ash Wednesday and Lent – Click on this link to access this resource explaining how Lent connects Mardi Gras to Easter Sunday. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Elypoc6sXyE2PqxZYj4JWPhTQQQnVETu/view?usp=sharing


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