20210522 In the Last Days

May 26, 2021
Greg Junghans

We have been talking about being a church on mission. The gifting's of the Holy Spirit. Today we are celebrating the day that the church became the church. Main Verse: Acts 2:1-17,41 Discussion Questions: 1. Why is it important to remember that we don't work for God with just our own abilities? 2. What do you think about the phrase experiencing the Holy Spirit was both extraordinary and ordinary? 3. The speaker in the video said we need another Pentecost. What do you feel when you hear that? Here is what I am asking. Would you take 10 days in the two weeks to pray specifically about what God has for us as a community. What he wants us to do as a community. You can devote 10 minutes or 10 hours a day. I feel at this time that we don’t need to try create, another Pentecost but that we prepare for another one. Opening ourselves up to the direction and power of the Holy Spirit. Here is the direction of prayer that I would like to encourage you to do with me. Monday May 24 – Take time sit silently with God. Ask God what do you like about me? Tuesday May 25 – Pray for those who are suffering directly from Covid-19 in our province. Pray for healing, recovery, wisdom to act safely, and protection. Wednesday May 26 – Ask God to examine your heart and to point out anything that needs to be removed. Thursday May 27 – Pray that God will help the people you don’t like or that you are mad at. Proclaim forgiveness where possible. Friday May 28 – Pray for friends or family who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/Y5jrOd403ck


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