20210116 Church of Compromise

Series: The Greatest Reset

January 18, 2021
Greg Junghans

Check out Sermon #3 of our 2021 kickoff series the Greatest Reset. Greg speaks about the church in Pergamum. Revelation 2:12-17. Here are the devotions for the week. Devotions Day 1 – Acts 15:24-30 records the decision of the Jerusalem Council. What do we learn about conflict management in the early church? Day 2 – Back to Acts 15 specifically verse 28. Have you ever felt that the Holy Spirit has given you insight into a difficult decision? Day 3 – We asked the question in the message of how to you determine right and wrong for yourself? This is the question I want you to explore today. Day 4 – In the second letter to Timothy, Paul writes these final words regarding the role of the Bible in his life. Read 2 Timothy 3:10-17 what are the four functions of Scripture? Day 5 – Reread 2 Timothy 3:10-17. How have you experienced the Bible equipping you for Christian living? Here is the youtube link for the message https://youtu.be/DkmsdcTRr4I

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