Temple Tables

Series: Path To Pentecost 2019

May 05, 2019
Pastor Joshua Goodman

I cannot be remiss to say that we as a church, we as a people may have some tables in our temple that need to be toppled. The last thing we want to do is turn a blind eye to those things we may have gotten used to. All the garbage, we need to get rid of so that we may be one with Jesus as He and the Father are one. Now you may ask yourself, ‘How do we figure out what those tables are? ‘You will know them by their fruit.’ Does a bad tree bring good fruit? Does a good tree bring bad fruit? Many a times we get used to the tables in our temple. They’re little things. They’re not ‘bad’ sin. So many people in the body of christ are walking in the grey. There is no light, there is no dark, but let’s be real...the grey is darkness. Often times, in the grey, you can see less than if you were walking fully in the dark.

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