Expecting Kingdom Benefits from a Sinful Lifestyle

Series: L.O.A.D. 2020

March 01, 2020
Pastor Joshua Goodman

Whatever we conform to is what we prove. We have the ability to prove the Kingdom or the world. As we're having this battle, conforming to the world or the Kingdom, it's an identity crisis. If you're consuming the things of this world, but reading the word and expecting the benefits of the Kingdom, reading but not investing, you'll only reap what you sow. The things of this world will never bring satisfaction. We invest more into the kingdom of this world and then are confused when the kingdom promises don't apply to our lives. We want to blame God for that misery but we're just reaping from the sin we've sown. As we begin to sow into the kingdom, we will reap kingdom benefits. We're sowing into the world but expecting kingdom benefits from our sinful lifestyles.

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