Real Housewives of Bethlehem

The "Real Housewives" TV franchise has led to over a dozen spinoffs as people watch the drama and escapades of modern day women. Likewise, the central women of the Gospel story are no mere idol housewives--the dramatic events and intriguing details of their lives are enough to excite any reader! Join us this Advent as we delve into the stories of the most prominent "Real Housewives of Bethlehem."

Drama in the Temple

December 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM

We start our journey through the first chapter of Luke and delve into the lives of the Real Housewives of Bethlehem. At the end of our Scripture reading today, Elizabeth decides to go off into seclusion for five months, but the text doesn't tell us why. Join Pastor Jacob as he invites us to use this Advent season as a time to truly find ourselves.

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