Down and Dirty: The Real Nativity Story

The nativity displays in our churches often depict a quaint, cozy scene with Baby Jesus quietly cooing and Mary wrapped in a blue satin ballgown. But the real nativity story is not so sanitized. Join Pastors Jen and Jacob in this Advent series as they explore the real aspects of the story in all of its dirtiness and messiness and learn how Christ comes into the midst of our own messy lives.

Down & Dirty: Who Invited Him to the Party?

December 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM

The nativity story fast forwards to John the Baptist emerging from the wilderness as an adult, dressed in clothes made of camel hair and eating locusts. What does it mean that God's Word comes to this weirdo in the wilderness? Are we able to hear God's voice from unexpected people in unlikely places?

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