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Clue: Investigating the Scenes of the Crime

Title Speaker Date
Clue: The Empty Tomb Pastor Jacob April 16, 2017
Clue: Golgotha Pastor Jen April 14, 2017
Clue: The Upper Room (Maundy Thursday) Pastor Jen April 13, 2017
Clue: Pilate's HQ Pastor Jen April 09, 2017
Clue: Before the Sanhedrin Pastor Jacob April 02, 2017
Clue: The Garden of Gethsemane Pastor Jen March 26, 2017
Clue: The Upper Room Pastor Jacob March 19, 2017
Clue: The Temple Pastor Jen March 12, 2017
Clue: Lazarus' Tomb Pastor Jacob March 05, 2017

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