Biblical Couture: Hot Clothing Trends in Ancient Palestine

Did you know the Bible contains stories of colorful coats, healing hemlines, and salvation-seeking sandals? Our holy text is a veritable closet full of clothing-related tales! Join us for our new sermon series, "Biblical Couture: Hot Clothing Trends in Ancient Palestine" as we take some of these stories off the shelves of Scripture and try them on for size.

Biblical Couture: The Bespoke Blessing Collection

September 8, 2019 at 10:00 AM

What pairs perfectly with the first sin? God’s first act of mercy, of course! Join Pastor Jen as she reads the infamous story of Adam and Eve’s exit from Eden and invites us to examine an often overlooked detail: the moment when God becomes a seamstress and sews clothing for our spiritual ancestors before sending them out of paradise.

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