Part 4: The Heart Work | Pastor Andrew Malek | 8.25.19

Series: Ephesians Series

August 26, 2019
Pastor Andrew Malek

Before we have made a choice to follow Jesus, we live based on our own thoughts, feelings, bodies, and social influences, and we develop patterns of behavior based on our experiences. When we make the decision to follow Jesus, we allow the word of God to mold our thoughts, feelings and actions. When Christ’s spirit enters our hearts, we learn how to be who God has called us to be. The hurt and pain we experience in life causes us to build up walls of self-protection in our hearts. Because we have built walls in our hearts, our will becomes hardened against God's will. As a result, we do not receive God's blessings or truth, because we have filtered them through our experiences that have left us broken. When we find our identity in Christ, God wants us to receive a full revelation of who he is with hope, confidence, and power.


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