Part 3: Identity Before Activity | Pastor Kent Munsey | 8.18.19

Series: Ephesians Series

August 24, 2019
Pastor Kent

In Christ, we are adopted, we are redeemed, and we are forgiven. Your fall cannot determine or define who you are because your walk hasn’t determined or defined who you are. Who you are is not achieved; it’s received by faith. Your identity is received. John 10 says my sheep know my voice. He says no one will be able to snatch them out of my hand. When Jesus has you, sin can't have you. You have been gripped by grace. Paul tells us that in Christ, you are blessed, you are chosen, you are adopted, you are redeemed, and you are forgiven. So many of us believe today that we have to earn our way, but our identity is received not achieved in Christ. Like Paul, we should celebrate the fact that we’ve been redeemed.


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