Nevertheless Lighthouse Faith

October 02, 2017
Pastor Alli Munsey

Using the backdrop of the legend of the lighthouse and the battleship, Pastor Alli Munsey reveals amazing truths about how God guides our lives and helps to shape our priorities for living successful lives.

Episode Notes

Make what matters to God matter to me.

Does this matter in the light of eternity?

Jesus is still building his church.

Am I living my life on purpose?

Prioritize your life with what matters.

It's about focus and intention.

Your destiny is in front of you.

Jesus would rather work with what you are not than with the mask of pretending to be what you are not.

God rewards a life of faith.

1. A nevertheless mentality
2. Use the filter of love to see the world
3. Steadfast love

Love is not conditional.

*If you prioritize interruptions, you will miss out on your dream.*
-- Zig Zigar

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