Fireside Chats with The Church Safety Guys Season 6 Episode 6

Series: Church Safety Guys- Live Broadcast

September 19, 2021
Ron Aguiar

Join the Church Safety Guys as they talk about relevant church and place of worship safety and security practices. Special guest: Ron Aguiar; Oasis Safety- For resources to help your church or team visit: Purchase tickets for the Church Security Essentials Conference, Columbus, OH- Oct. 2, 2021: Only Available Until September 27th! Check out our industry-first- Church Security App! Download yours here: Join one of the largest free resource groups on Church Safety & Security! Click Here to Join: Miss a past episode? Check all of them out and subscribe to our channel here: Now streaming all broadcasts on Apple, Iheart Media, Spotify, Audible, and Anchor! Search for “Church Safety Guys”! #ChurchSecurity #ChurchSafetyGuys #ChurchSafety #SemperDisciplina #CSG #CheckrSponsored #Checkr #RonAguiar #churchsecuritytraining #churchsafetytraining #BackgroundChecksforFaithBasedOrganizations #churchsecurityessentials

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