Body Language & Church Security - Part 2 Season 6-Episode 17

Series: Church Safety Guys- Live Broadcast

December 19, 2021
Matt Coombes; Shield Force International

Red Flags- Behavioral Clues- Part 2 W/The Church Safety Guys Guest: Matt Coombes; Shield Force International Support the show: Checkr – Background Screens for Faith Based Organizations U.S. Law Shield Thomas Alexander Insurance Support our Ministry to Places of Worship! Resources for your church: The Church Security App Centurion Bible College- Church Safety and Security Program New Resources: Coming Back Engage Your Team (Ministry Lifecycle Series) Request help/information: Twitter YouTube Instagram Now Streaming On: Spotify iHeart Radio Christian Voice Radio Copyright@2021- All rights Reserved- Church Safety Guys; All content is designed and rightfully acquired for production by CSG. Please share with your team and church!


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