143. Child Safety & Protecting The Children in Your Church

Series: Church Safety Guys- Live Broadcast

October 16, 2022
Church Safety Guys

How do you protect the most valuable asset in your church? It's the children! What is the best way to address children's special needs in your church? How do you run an effective ministry without compromising safety or liability? Joining us on this broadcast will be Theresa Sidebotham: Telios Law, to talk about protecting your church's most valuable asset! Theresa Sidebotham assists organizations in the U.S. and internationally, with a special focus on employment law, religious and nonprofit law, and child safety. She advises on numerous misconduct investigations. She is also the founder of Telios Law PLLC. The Church Safety Guys is a non-profit organization dedicated to help church and place of worship groups- apply best practices to Biblically protecting their organization. We us the following umbrella in everything we do: Ministry First, Engaged Leadership, Always Training. For additional great resources, to visit us at our next event, or have us come to your church- visit our website at ChurchSafetyGuys.com. Listen to past broadcasts and support our ministry on Patreon, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Iheart Media and anywhere your favorite podcasts are! Church Security App: ChurchSecurityApp.com (Free Download) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Churchsafetyg... https://www.facebook.com/churchsafety... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Church_SafetyAnch... https://anchor.fm/churchsafetyandsecu... YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/churchsafetyguys #ChurchSecurity #telioslaw #preventingchildabuse #VigilantImpact #ChurchSafetyGuys #ChurchSafety #SemperDisciplina #CSG #ThomasAlexanderInsurance #ChurchLeadership #ChurchDiscipleship For public use of this broadcast- contact: ChurchSafetyGuys.com LICENSE CERTIFICATE MUSIC: Premium Beats @ Copyright 2022, All Rights Reserved.


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