Ep64. Married Couples In Ministry

October 03, 2018
Brandee Nielsen + Scott and Bethany Palmer + Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Coffee Talk Topic: Married Couples in Ministry This episode's coffee talk topic inspires Married Couples in Ministry on a special episode that features two separate interviews, with two amazing married couples for Christ. Featured Guest No. 1: Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple Scott and Bethany Palmer are Financial Advisors, collectively known as “The Money Couple.” They're one of God's Married Couples in Ministry, with a specific assignment to help others strengthen their relationships through a scientific, behavioral finance approach. Together they've identified that we have at least 2 of 5 money personalities, published in a book called: The 5 Money Personalities. Bethany says "understanding how God made you when it comes to viewing money, is the foundation to who you are and how God Made You." Scott says "if you statistically look at marriages in America we've got a 50% divorce rate. 70% of those cited money as the number one reason for their divorce. If it were just about the budget or credit card debt, those are quick fixes. 80% of couples have opposite money personalities. So what we have to do as couples, is to learn how our differences strengthen each other." Host Brandee Nielsen says "this program is not just for those couples who are having issues with money. The program would also be fantastic for premarital counseling!" Featured Guest No. 2: Jim and Martha Brangenberg, iWork4Him Jim and Martha Brangenberg founded and host the popular, iWork4Him radio program, which encourages listeners to look at their workplace as their mission field. Jim says "we live 95% of our lives outside the four walls of the church. One of the things I get to do is to help Christ followers connect what they hear on Sunday with what they do in their 9 to 5 because their work-place is a mission field. And in the mission field, they may be the only Jesus their co-workers and employees may ever meet." Martha says "our faith is not to be compromised. Our faith infiltrates our whole life if we have given our life to Christ. How our ministry helps people is by inspiring them to look at their work-place differently. We're helping them to look at their life. To look at what they do every day and the way God has equipped them to do what they do. To look at why they're doing it, and what purpose they're giving it." LINKS FROM THE SHOW Connect with Scott and Bethany at https://themoneycouple.com Connect with Jim and Martha Brangenberg at https://www.iwork4him.com Subscribe to the Christian Coffee Talk Podcast on iTunes Podcast, Google Play Podcast, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Stitcher. Join our growing Online Community to connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Check out our theme song, Jesus Kind Of Love by www.NateJacksonMusic.com.


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