Ep54. The Rescuing Power of Jesus Christ with Cori Salchert, Sarah Malanowski, Ivory Granger

June 06, 2018
Brandee Nielsen + Cori Salchert, Sarah Malanowski + Ivory Granger

Coffee Talk Topic: The Rescuing Power of Jesus Christ This show highlights The Rescuing Power of Jesus Christ in two separate interviews. The dialogue details some of the world’s darkest and most painful circumstances;  Hospice Care for babies, and, Freedom for those impacted by sex abuse. You'll want to be prepared with tissue and coffee in hand! Featured Guests: Cori Salchert, Sarah Malanowski, and Ivory Granger. Our first guest is Cori Salchert. Cori calls her home a “house of hope” for hospice babies that no-one else wants. She began adopting babies with life-limiting or terminal diagnoses in 2012, and feels her purpose is to provide them with the best quality of love and life possible. Host Brandee Nielsen says "Just the term Hospice Babies is soul-shattering! This isn’t a topic I’ve discussed in my lifetime, so it’s never come to mind. I imagine this may be the same for listeners." And asks  "share about the circumstances around families that need Hospice Care for their babies."  In her new book, I Will Love You Forever: A True Story about Finding Life, Hope & Healing While Caring for Hospice Babies, Cori shares the precious details of the babies her family has had the privilege to care for. Then Sarah Malanowski and Ivory Granger of The Priceless Journey share updates about the fight against human trafficking; the launch of the national version of the book, You Are Priceless, and the rescuing power of Jesus!   The National Version of You Are Priceless, lets women everywhere know that there is nothing they can do to keep them from God’s love. Host Brandee Nielsen says "I had the privilege to contribute my own story to both versions of this book. So I know first hand, what the rescuing power of Jesus Christ will do in these circumstances. I shared my truth with others, that "You Are Shielded." Psalm 3:3  (MSG) "But you, God, shield me on all sides; You ground my feet, you lift my head high;" LINKS FROM THE SHOW Connect with Cori and get a copy of her book I Will Love You Forever at http://www.safehaven4babies.org Connect with Sarah and Ivory, and get a copy of  You Are Priceless at The PricelessJourney.org Subscribe to the Christian Coffee Talk for Women Podcast on iTunes Podcast, Google Play Podcast, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Stitcher. Join our growing Christian Coffee Talk for Women Online Community where you can connect with like-minded women 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Theme Song: Jesus Kind Of Love by NateJacksonMusic.com


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