Ep44. Identity Christ-Is with Alexis Slifer

March 21, 2018
Brandee Nielsen + Alexis Slifer

Coffee Talk Topic: Identity Christ-Is over Identity Crisis This episode addresses identity, and the fact that we're not defined by what’s happened in our past. Even if what happened in our past was all good! Host Brandee Nielsen says "We often hear those infamous quotes "our past does not define us," or "what’s happened to us does not define us." Both of these quotes are true. Bad things from our past or happening in our present do not define us. In Christ we learn that we’re not defined by the good things either." "God defines us as His adopted children. In Christ we are a new creation, without blemish and free from accusation. We are a temple of the Holy Spirit, Ambassadors of Christ who said that we are the light of the world." Featured Guest: Alexis Slifer Alexis is a former Rubyz member and iShine actress, now releasing her sophomore, six-song solo-project, FAMOUS FOR. Before joining iShine and becoming a founding member of The Rubyz (at age 12), Alexis performed with an impressive array of productions, including the Moscow Ballet. Alexis now shows her maturity as an artist, writer, and mentor of young women coming up in the Arts. On this episode, Alexis shares her heart for mentoring and what it means to step into our calling with faith. Theme Song: Jesus Kind of Love by Nate Jackson Connect with Alexis Slifer at alexisslifer.com


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