Ep38. Relationship Over Religion with Ashley Schroeder

February 07, 2018
Brandee Nielsen + Ashley Schroeder

Coffee Talk Topic: Relationship Over Religion This episode explores the differences between having religion and a having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Host Brandee Nielsen says "this is a critical subject in our world today, where religion is used by some as an excuse to do unspeakable, ungodly things to other people who are not like them. Some of it's mistunderstaning, and some of it's intentional. Regardless of the reason, the result poisons the minds of people who don't know Christ. It turns them away from the possibility of accepting Jesus as their Savior, because of their misunderstanding about religion. I pray that God will move swiftly to renew the minds of those caught up in this misunderstanding. So they too will come to know the truth about relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. It's not attained through religion." Featured Guest: Ashley Schroeder Ashley Schroder is an inspirational speaker, and author of the book, Papa God and Ashley, It's a Relationship. She joins our coffee talk to share a mountain of nuggets about her personal relationship with Christ. But her true heart is to help others find what she has, a personal relationship with her Popa God, through Jesus Christ! Ashley is a loving wife and mother, as well as a businesswoman and volunteer advocate for Holt International. Ashley is passionate to share this opportunity with you for the sake of abused and abandoned children around the world. LINKS FROM THE SHOW Connect with Ashley Schroeder and get a copy of her new book at www.papagodandashley.com To read the article shared on this episode, go to www.gotquestions.org and type in the question: Is Christianity a religion or a relationship? To find out more about how you can help orphaned children, go to www.holtinternational.org. Subscribe to the Christian Coffee Talk Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Stitcher! Join our growing Online Community where you can connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Check out our theme song, Jesus Kind Of Love by Nate Jackson.


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