Ep30. Freedom from the Effects of Sex Trafficking with The Priceless Journey Panel

July 05, 2017
Brandee Nielsen + Priceless Journey Panel

This episode features special guests, Sarah Malanowski, Joyce Kelly and Angie Rodriguez, of the You Are Priceless project, in support of ending Human Trafficking and lifting the lives of women caught in the sex industry. This show's coffee talk topic continues our campaign to stop human trafficking by featuring expert guests each month during 2017, who have first hand experience in what we can do to get in the fight and make a difference. Them Song: Jesus Kind of Love by Nate Jackson Connect with Sarah at GodIsAlwaysFaithful.com. Connect with Joyce at iamfreedomgirl.com #CCTFWSHT2017 #StopTheSilence #YouArePriceless

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