The Sum of It All, Part 1

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

September 22, 2019
Pastor White

Jesus asks us to Pray, "Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven", because that is the Sum of it All! God's plan has always been to establish His Kingdom on Earth and to do so, events are at hand that will soon bring that Kingdom to be. It already exists in the hearts of men and women who serve the King and have established His Kingdom principles and power in their lives. However, He has encouraged us to look for His Literal, Physical Return to establish His Kingdom on Earth. What are the signs of His Coming? What events are happening right now that should cause us to live with a wonder and excitement and anticipation for His Return. This message will cause you to prepare your heart and lives for His Return and should challenge you to share these truths with those around you that do not know His Coming is at Hand!

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