Part 6 Sabbath; A Rhythm of Rest

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

February 16, 2020
Pastor White

God gave us a gift and asks us to make it Holy. He wants us to set one day a week apart, or Sanctify it, make it His, so that He in return will give us Rest. All of life has a rhythm. If the sound of life is constant with no rhythm ( steady beats with rests), then it is noise. We live in a system of constant going, doing, working, striving and are made to feel guilty when we tire or get sick. Our culture is a culture of noise and we are caught in the confusion. God has a gift for us, but we've been told by society that it is archaic and obsolete. God has lots of reasons to draw us back to celebrate the day He gave us, to spend it with Him to rest, recuperate, refresh and restore our relationship with Him. That gift, this special day to spend with Him, is called Sabbath or "The Lord's Day"! Truthfully, we need this gift and it's inherent healing and refreshing "Rest"!

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