Part 5 Feasting and Fasting

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

February 02, 2020
Pastor White

Did Adam and Eve ever have to eat for nourishment before they sinned? When God created the trees in the Garden of Eden, that were beautiful and the fruit wonderful to eat, did He do so, for them to be healthy and stay alive? If they didn't eat for health and life, then they ate and even feasted out of fullness not emptiness. They feasted with God in the Garden, because God wanted them to enjoy everything He had made for them to have in the family feasts He had planned. Then sin entered in and because of their rebellion, they would eat for the first time out of emptiness. They ate to be healthy and stay alive. They would eat without God's fellowship with them and feasting and life gave way to fasting and death. Fullness would be sought after from things that could never ever satisfy like eating with God. Fasting and emptiness would remind them of what they once had with God, in God, because of God, but now had become only a memory. They once feasted on God and their fullness with and because of Him, now was only a memory. Death, sickness, emptiness would produce a hunger that food, pleasure, lust, money, relationships, would never satisfy. So God asked men to be willing to fast and remember that their hungers in life could only be satisfied when He became their Bread of Life and their Water of Life.

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