Love Where You Live Part 1

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

March 01, 2020
Pastor White and April Pruitt

Why do we live where we live? Why do we work where we work? Why do we know the people we know? Was all of this an "accident" or could it be that we live by direction and plan of God? Are there things called Divine Appointments, even in bad circumstances and events, that we can find God has a redemptive purpose and plan in? Could it be that God is actually involved so intently with our lives that even in bad things, bad relationships, bad jobs and maybe even bad homes, He chooses to reveal His Glory and presence? God isn't the cause of our hurts, disappointments, and heartaches, but maybe He is trying to change such things into "Good Things"? Looking for God in the midst of our living is the first step in "Living Sent" and "Loving where we Live"! This encouraging message will change the atmosphere and bring joy into your living and loving! PS, At the end of this message there is a wonderful opportunity for you to take Communion with us, so join us for this worship experience. The music will also be a blessing as we eat and drink from the Lord's Table together!

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