I Am Thomas Part 4

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

April 28, 2019
April Pruitt

Thomas wasn't there when Jesus first made appearance to the Disciples after His Resurrection. The Disciples were afraid and hiding and Jesus almost scared them to death. He declared Peace to them in the midst of their Fear and Anxiety. When the Disciples explained to Thomas they had seen the Lord, He remembered what Jesus had told them before He went to Calvary, that after He was gone, many would come in His Name declaring themselves to be the Messiah and they were not to believe the deceivers. Thomas response to the disciples was that he would not believe unless he saw the nail prints in His Hands and Feet and the spear piercing in His side. Thomas was branded by history from that event as "Doubting Thomas", when in fact his doubting was no worse than the other disciples. This message by April Pruitt, gives us insight into what we can miss in our fear and disbelief, even in our worst times of fear and sorrow and how much Jesus loves to come to us in those times! He doesn't brand us nor rebuke us, He just shows us His Love and announces His plans for our lives. This message will encourage you to believe and not doubt!

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