07 Epilogue of The Domino Effect, "Remember"!

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

February 23, 2020
Pastor White

It's so easy to forget. In fact, it seems like our society encourages a consumer mentality that keeps us thinking only about what we don't yet have. We willingly sell all of our most precious commodity, TIME, to get a little more of the elusive things that will 'make us happy'. We become slaves to what we want and the methods required to get them, while becoming more and more ungrateful for what we have. We used to take a day every week to just "give thanks", but now we trade that day of worship and family and rest to work for a few more bucks. Maybe we will be able to buy that new car, or afford another entertainment device, never realizing that we have sold our time needed to enjoy what we 'get'! The epilogue of the series, The Domino Effect, reminds us to reclaim our Time and redeem our attitudes with Christian Disciplines that open up Joys found, relationships rekindled, Rest restored. Remember these wonderful things that promise to bring us life and that more Abundant!

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