05 Epilogue

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

July 21, 2019
Pastor White

In this final chapter of the sermon series, "Enough is Enough", we discover the Epilogue. It is so important that we live with a Holy Contentment, that says, no matter what comes, Jesus is Enough. We also must have a Holy Discontentment that seeks after God's help to change those things in our life that rob us of His Presence and His Glory. This final Word, defines the simple secret of His Presence; Living with a constant connection to God that provides for that Life that He promises that is "Abundant", more than ever even thought possible! It was a joy in this service to have my 91 year old parents in the service. They are a living testimony of the presence of the Lord and the resulting Long Life of more than "Enough"! I give honor to their lives that are an example of a People of His Presence. The story of their lives will bless you as you listen to this message, "Epilogue"!

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