04 UnderWraps The Outsiders

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

December 30, 2018
Pastor White

Is there any thing UnderWraps about the Shepherds and Wisemen? What did the Angel mean when he said he was gonna give them a 'sign'? Every baby was wrapped in Swaddling Clothes when first born? There had to be dozens of mangers in dozens of stalls in Bethlehem, but the Angel said they would find the babe in "the" manger? What was Migdal Eder, the tower of the flock? Was Micah's prophecy about it important to the story. And where did the Wise Men come from and what was the miracle of their coming? Has their story been under wraps for centuries to be finally understood as one more Christmas Miracle we've never really understood. Maybe we all we get an "Ephiphany" with this word!

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