04 "Learn Always" This is Us Part 4

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

March 24, 2019
Pastor White

We should always be Learning and growing in our Christian Experience. Sometime we get caught in the Middle of our journey and seem to be stuck, not going forward, and many times sliding back or at the least just spinning our wheels. That was the story of Israel on the way to a Land of Promise from the land of Bondage. God had delivered them from their Slavery, but they seemed to be forever in the Middle of their journey. God didn't choose this for them, but they refused to learn about who He was and the truth and wisdom He wanted them to have. The result, was "Stuck in the Middle". This word will encourage you in your "Middle" experiences to find God and the wisdom and understanding He has for you, so that you can reach the goal that you started for in your journey.

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