03 This is Us "Love Much"

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

March 17, 2019
Pastor White

In this Part 3 of the Series, This is Us, we define our life as Family that Loves Much. However, this is not a word of just doing Love in large quantities, it is about Love as a Noun. Knowing Love that is wonderful, great, and life changing. It is the Love that we experience in the person of Jesus. Love that becomes a Noun as we know Him. God is Love, and people that know God, know Love. People who are in a relationship with God can say, because of Holy Spirit Making God Real in our life, we become Love! We must be a family personified by being Love, not just doing Love. If we never know Love as a Noun, we will never be able to experience or share Love as a Verb. Here's a quote: "One ounce of God's Love flowing from us to the World is infinitely more powerful than Tons of Hate and Evil, being dumped out on humanity by Sin and Satan!" It is imperative that we Know Much Love in order to Love Much.

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