03 Holy Discontentment Part 1

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

July 07, 2019
Pastor White

God wants us to get to the place in our lives where we are living both a Holy Contented and Holy Discontented Life. This kind of life will evoke a "Enough is Enough" mentality in two ways. First we realize that even in the most horrible situations of Life, that Jesus is our victory. He always loves and blesses us with His presence and hope and faith that, no matter what happens, we are gonna win. Thus we can say having Jesus is Enough, and Enough is Enough. However, there is also a dynamic of discontentment, when we realize there are things in our life that are not right. We've decided to live broken, or disappointed, or defeated, even though Jesus has come to give us an "abundant" life. We find ourselves in a "Comfortably Numb" lifestyle, though Jesus has plans to make us His Masterpiece. The moment we realize, this is not God's plan and we rise up with a Holy Discontentment and cry, "Enough is Enough"; then we Cry out to Holy Spirit, come close to Jesus, pray earnestly to the Father and Seek the Lord with all of our hearts, at that point, things begin to change. This message, the third installment of the sermon series, "Enough is Enough", and sets a ground work for next weeks message, Part 2 of Holy Discontentment. Blessings!

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