02 Habit # 2 Eat one Meal Daily Together

Series: Christian Assembly Upstate Sermons

January 12, 2020
April Pruitt and Pastor White

Part 2 of the sermon series, "The Domino Effect" introduces a daily challenge to eat at least one meal together with someone. Our society encourages us to eat on the run, by ourselves, with our media devices. The family table is almost completely gone in today's society. Children don't often eat with their Parents. Husbands and wives, often eat alone or in front of the TV or with their media in hand. We go to restaurants or fast food places alone sometimes to get away from talking to anyone. This message will encourage you to reevaluate the losses around our present day eating habits and re-establish a healthy involvement around the table. Family can be enjoyed, marriages made stronger, friendships built and even good news can be shared with the stranger around a meal together.

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