I once was blind but now I see!!

January 13, 2022
Pastor Dontay Elliott

Walking in the eternal light of God is the truth we have to embrace, the story of the blind man places emphasis on our personal lives. In many ways we are that man born blind. We are born into a sin nature, spiritually disabled, with a human condition, needing Jesus to anoint our spiritual eyes, desiring God’s divine intervention to direct our path in life. When Jesus told the blind man to go wash in the pool, his sight was still impaired, by faith the blind man was led to a course of restoration through his obedience. His spirit was quickened by God. God is wanting us to prepare our spirit because Jesus is strolling along side us. As his eyes open, the blindman was able to stand by the King, we too choose to see Jesus and to see thru the eyes of Jesus how he appears to us.

Episode Notes

John 9:1-41 Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

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