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Musings of the Mind, Spirit, and Soul

Title Speaker Date
We Made This Mess D S Briggs November 24, 2021
Servant D S Briggs November 24, 2021
We Have to Do Better D S Briggs November 24, 2021
When Rumors Become Reality D S Briggs October 04, 2021
My Sin Didn't Win D S Briggs June 07, 2021
Forgive and be Healed D S Briggs May 06, 2021
Black History is My History; You Can't Delete Me D S Briggs February 26, 2021
God's Presence in Silence D S Briggs December 26, 2020
I Swung, and Missed D S Briggs December 23, 2020
Struggle and Succeed D S Briggs November 27, 2020
You Can Call Me.... D S Briggs November 24, 2020
Put Your Name On It D S Briggs November 11, 2020
Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween D S Briggs October 29, 2020
Adjust and Advance D S Briggs October 21, 2020
Be Uniquely You D S Briggs October 13, 2020
An Uncomfortable Truth D S Briggs October 03, 2020
Allow Yourself to Succeed D S Briggs October 01, 2020
Always Remember; Never Forget D S Briggs September 30, 2020
I Woke Up In America D S Briggs September 28, 2020
The Power of Forgiveness D S Briggs September 21, 2020
The Day Truth Died D S Briggs September 10, 2020

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