Don't Chase Money, Let Money Chase You Part 3

Series: Don't Chase Money Let Money Chase You

April 09, 2017
Pastor Louis Boucher

God wants to bless His children and the way He truly does that is when they tithe and live right. Also there are many ministries on TV that manipulate believers to give for their cause that is unscriptural. The people of God must realize this. Tithing is still for today but it's not done because of a law but by faith. Just like Abraham when tithe to King Melchezedek. He gave a tenth because of reverence for Him. Melchezedek was a type of Christ. We should tithe because we love God and the Church not because we are force to. And if a believer tithes because of his love for God, God will bless him financially! So don't run after money, money will run after you>

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