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Tough Questions for Christians

Title Speaker Date
Revelation 21:1-27-22:1-5 Heaven - Is it Real? What is it Like? Dr. Matthew Harding August 13, 2017
John 6:35-66 Free Will vs. God's Sovereignty - Can these truly Co-Exist? Dr. Matthew Harding August 06, 2017
Romans 15:1-13 Why Are There So Many Different Denominations in Christianity? Dr. Matthew Harding July 23, 2017
John 8:2-11 The Church's Best Response to Homosexuality Dr. Matthew Harding July 16, 2017
Joshua 11: Why Does God Seem to Kill in the Old Testament Dr. Matthew Harding July 09, 2017
Hab 1-2 The Origin, Existence, and Cure for Evil in this Universe Dr. Matthew Harding July 02, 2017

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