The Time Has Come to See His Glory

October 03, 2021
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

The time has come. If we want to see God’s hand at work in the world around us, then the time has come for us to consider our ways, show Him reverence, and then we will see His glory! We looked at the time has come to consider our ways. A Self-examination to make sure we are pursuing God and our own desires. A need for us to rebuild our lives around Him, allowing the Spirit to lead us, and we need to follow Him in every part of our life. And recognizing that God has allowed or even brought these things about so that we will admit it is us and repent. There is no one to blame but ourselves. We looked at the time has come to show reverence. This comes by obeying His voice, listening with understanding what He tells us, and working on our relationship with Him! It is knowing that He is with us. The presence of our Mighty God is with us, leading us in the way of victory. And we need to take Courage. Grow strong in your walk with the Lord. The last message in the book of Haggai is what He has declared to those who follow the lesson given in His word. The time has come to see His glory!


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