The Time for Salvation

March 21, 2021
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

As we continue to take steps toward the resurrection, this message is the third in a series of messages that take us up to Resurrection Day. Today we are examining the questions of “When did this promised salvation happen.” Time in a bottle is an advertising ad today; the prospects of being in control of your time by changing your hair color or smoothing the wrinkles of sagging skin. There are also time management books and seminars that help us manage our time effectively. There are people who dig up past time in books and archeological digs. There are others who want to know what is ahead in future time. But time is not in our hands, but God’s. The time of the cross and the resurrection were predetermined before the foundation of the world and put into motion when God planned and intended for it to happen. God determined and spoke through His prophets when it would happen. At the appointed and anointed time Christ came to fulfill the work of salvation!


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