The Goal of the Gospel

October 13, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Sometimes life is wearying. Daily chores or work, endless worries and challenges cause us to lose sight of the goal. We can become weary in well doing and even question God's plan for us. Once again we have a passage that gives us reminders and encouragement to press on. In this part of his letter, Paul says, “Finally,” or, “From this moment on, rejoice in the Lord.” It is a morsel of food to chew on as you go from seeing participation in the Gospel to examining the safeguard of the Gospel. He is going to stress for them again the things he had already instructed them about at an earlier time so that they would remain firm and secure and free from danger as they live according to the Gospel. It was no problem to for him to repeat these things. So it is important to be reminded of these things. If they sound familiar, that is a good thing to make sure you are following the Lord!


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