The Gathering of Beleivers 2.0

June 27, 2021
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

In this setting, we again are looking at what Timothy needed to know and what he needed to share with the church at Ephesus. As we said last time, Paul gave a charge to Timothy that was of great importance to the workings of the church. Paul used his own life as an example of what God can do and will do in the life of those who believe. He wanted them and us to remember that they were, indeed, sinners saved by God’s grace; that they could count on the fact that God was at work in them for His good pleasure; and that they had a charge to keep in the exercising of the gifts He has given to them and us in Christ according to God’s order and purpose for the church. As we look into the first three of several points of the charge to Timothy concerning the church, we have to believe that they were having problems at the church in Ephesus in these particular areas. The church had existed in Ephesus for several years now and needed a little more direction since they were wandering from the truth. They had forgotten some things and were neglecting others. It would seem that the world was creeping into the church, and Timothy was there to admonish them in the way they should be going.


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