The End of the Age

December 02, 2018
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

There have been a great number of fires, unsettled weather, and even earthquakes in recent days, but they do not compare with what is to come. Jesus continues to answer the disciples questions that we began last week. When will these things happen, when is the end of the age, and what is the sign of His coming. Jesus lays out for them a summary of what is going to take place. We saw last time that we are to not be misled about these things. And we should not lose heart. We should keep our eyes on Him, trust Him, continue in His word. And, the end of the world will come, but we need to be steadfast in our hope. As we look at the end of the age, that He describes for us, we need to remember these things. As we listen to a brief description of the end of the age, our desire to tell others about Jesus and His salvation should increase!


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