The Answers to Our Problems

May 17, 2020
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

It is not hard for anyone to see that we are having tribulation in America. For many years (around 37 years) God has impressed upon my heart that the United States would go through tribulation. I am not talking about the Great Tribulation. If you have paid any attention to the news over the past 37 years you will know that we have been in a steady decline from God’s word and have plunged into outright rejection of God today. It has caused and is causing great turmoil among the people, and it will continue unless God stops it. During this same amount of time, this nation has tried to look for solutions to curb the decline. All the solutions are based on a faulty premise; that we can fix it ourselves. We do not need anyone’s help, especially God Almighty’s help. BUT, we are the solution. The answer to the problem, the solution for our demise is us! God’s people. We are the only ones with a solution and a solution that will stand. It is given to us in 2 Chronicles 7:14


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