Testimonies of Service

October 06, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

When a new product is advertised on TV, they are giving a testimony. They begin by telling you what it is, and then how it is proven to work. You know the one where they cut a hole in a perfectly good boat and put a screen door on it sprayed with this sealer and they take it out in the water, to show you how good it is. It is still just an advertisement, unless someone you know and trust can verify it. So saying that you are a born again believer in Christ and telling everyone that this, or that, is happening in our life sounds good, but how do we know it for sure. We know by observing. Paul has just told us about the Salvation that we need to have at work in our lives. We talked about a general statement, a purpose, and the result of the progression of Salvation. Now we will see specific testimony of two men who are participants in the Gospel.


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