Shiloh has Come

December 06, 2020
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Before the days of celebration of the birth of Jesus there was the promise of the coming King. When He came He was declared King. As God’s people, let us remember that our celebration each year is to remember that He is the King and thus requires our devotion. When God established Israel as a nation of His people, there was a promise of the coming of Jesus. Jacob gathered his sons together and told them what would befall them in the days to come. When he got to Judah, the fourth born son, he spoke about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. This was to be the coming of Messiah or Christ that was anointed by God to rule and reign. From the line of Judah, Jesus was appointed to come. Your festival celebration this year is to worship the King! Give Him honor and service that is due Him! It is not about a person who brings gifts and toys through a chimney, it is not even receiving and giving of gifts. It is to look in awe at the One who came to save us from sin, death, and hell. As we hear the message this morning, let it serve as the first of a couple of reminders this year.


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