Saving Grace of God

January 17, 2021
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Have you ever built a house or watch one built? The preparation to build a house begins with a foundation. If the foundation is not solid enough or anchored well, you cannot build the rest of the house. So, unless you have the foundation of the Grace of God, your life will not hold up in the challenges of life. Last week we talked about sensible people, and how each of us should follow sound doctrine or sound teaching. As Paul writes to Titus, he carries on in the next few verses with why this is possible! It is not by our power or strength but by His strength and power. It is because of the grace of God. Listen carefully to what is told to us about the grace of God, since this is foundational truth. Everything we have in Christ Jesus is laid out for us, and this is what we must build upon!

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