Satisfying Our Soul's Despair

February 21, 2021
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

During a time of despair in Israel when David and his men fled from Absalom, one of the sons of Korah was with him. The pursuit by the ungodly that drives the godly away from the presence of God is the setting that we find here this morning. We, as a people of God, are being driven from places of worship by an ungodly people; we are driven from meeting with our God or remembering our God by ungodly people. Sometimes we have allowed ourselves to be driven from these things, and sometimes we are ready to stand up and fight against these things, but the most important thing is the desire of our heart. If we are being moved from the presence of God in despair, we need to seek the God and keep our eyes on Him and let Him satisfy our soul!


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